Growth-Driven Redesign

Fundamentally redesigning the website of DigiVox, following the Growth-Driven Design Methodology.


The client asked to refresh the current website. I have investigated in the buyer persona, the target group and the wish of the client. During the process, I came to the conclusion that the fundamentals of the current website do not meet the requirements to continue improving their current website. It had to be redone completely. Because of this big change, I worked following the Growth-Driven Design methodology. Following this method, I will launch a launchpad website as soon as possible so it can be measured with real user data and improved afterwards.

Growth-Driven Design


Because the fundamentals of the website don’t meet the requirements, I analysed the current infrastructure and created a new proposal. The most important change was that the solutions wouldn’t be displayed on one page but will be integrated throughout the whole website, sorted on their customers: governmental agencies and service providers. This change has been made because of user behaviour on their website.

DigiVox website infrastructuur


An important part of the redesign was about creating rich and meaningful pages where sub products would be displayed underneath each other instead of separate pages. The photography had to be mysterious and tensive. The orange colour should create accents. Because the contact form is the main call to action of the website, has it been placed at the bottom of each page.

Move the cursor

Vorige Homepage
Nieuwe Homepage

Redesign of Homescreen

Vorige XYLON Productpagina
Nieuwe XYLON Productpagina

Redesign of XYLON Product


Of course, the experience on smaller screens has to be even good or better than the desktop one.

DigiVox website on mobile

User-based Improvements

As soon as the website went live, there has been placed a variety of tools in order to track user behaviour on the refreshed website. We use data from heat maps, recordings, analytics, Google Ads, and more. By observing and interpreting this behaviour, I could make up the things that have to change in order to provide a better user experience.

Hoempage heatmap


Because the website does follow the Growth-Driven Design methodology, I have created a roadmap about the period after the launchpad website. Following the agile principle, improvements are continuous and following new strategies, client wishes and real user data.

Groth-Driven Roadmap

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