IoT Fitting Room

A smart fitting room, linked to CRM to create more value for both customers and stores.


This project was created within the innovation lab of Merkle. Within this lab are talented people always discovering how new technologies have the link with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). When a new potential technology has been picked, a team of specialists will work for one week. This week is within the Google Design Sprint methodology. On they end, they should come up with a prototype which they can test with real customers on the last day.


I had the opportunity to become part of the team of specialists to combine IoT with CRM. We decided that a fitting room would give us enough potential to showcase the possibilities of the IoT/CRM combination. The fitting room can scan the customer's loyalty card and the chosen shop articles. Therefore, it is easy for the customer to pick out other sizes or colours. From a store, perspective is it a solution to gather a complete insight into the target audience.



The system is revolutionary and a new digital product which requires human interaction. To shorten the adoption phrase, I created an onboarding system by creating a tour throughout the system whenever a customer wishes to use the fitting room.

Next Best Offer

The visitor from the fitting room does scan his or her loyalty card. On this card is personal online information available because of an online profile filled with purchase history, interests and provided information. The fitting room does add profile enrichment to it like interests of potential purchases, the number of minutes visiting the fitting room, styling, and more. Based on this enlarged profile can selected products be recommended via the website or display advertisements. This information could potentially gather more sales.

Ease of Service

The customer of the store would like the fitting room because of their ease of service. It is easy to pick other colours or sizes or just ask for advice. A total amount of all the brought clothing will also be calculated, resulting in a reduction of unpleasant surprises.


The team has created a prototype of the fitting room within the innovation lab. We have created demo profiles and items of clothing. The prototype can be used together with already existing clients to discuss the possibilities of IoT and CRM.


Participanten (A-Z)

  • Jan van Unnik • Back-end Developer & Hardware Engineer
  • Kevin Kriek • Back-end Developer & Hardware Engineer
  • Orlando Welles • Business Development Manager
  • Remco Sonderen • Creative Thinker
  • Robbert van der Vegt • JavaScript Developer
  • Robin Tepe • UI/UX Designer & Front-end Developer
  • Stella Yu • Creative Thinker
  • Tessa Helderman • Sprint Facility Manager
  • Wieke Boonstra • Data Engineer
  • Maikel van Doorn • JavaScript Developer
  • Wouter Hosman • Head of Innovation
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