Happy Italy App

An application which has been developed to let already familiar customers come to the restaurant more often because of smart persuasive design.


Style guide

A part of the style guide has been adopted from the already existing style guide of Happy Italy. Although, because the company does only have a simple website as a digital product, some elements have been added.



The creative process has been started with a user-flow. Within the user-flow have I done some research towards the best way of mobile app navigation and mapping which functions I had to put in the prototype.



Creating wireframes had to be the second step and are all about positioning the elements. While creating this do I keep the style guide and the UI-rules of the specific software (iOS) in mind.



The last step in the design process is creating the prototype. Within the prototype is it possible to really 'use' the app as you can tab and drag through it. Within this is al the previous work be bundled within the end result. The prototype can also be used in your browser.



Onboarding is an important element which is visible whenever a user created an account. These three short steps do explain the user the fundamentals so he can start quickly.


Persuasive Design

With the concept of 'La Famiglia' does the user, based on the amount of restaurant visits, a higher rank within the maffia family. A user does always start with the lowest rank, but the cards of all ranks are visible. This is a thought-out decision. The user will receive a 'Mama Mia Pop-up' when they want to open a card of a higher rank. In this way is a user willing to visit the restaurant more frequently and can, therefore, open more cards.

La Famiglia

Overview & More

The Overview is the screen which will be visible directly after a successful login or registration. The app had to work so innovatively that a menu would be unnecessary. All the functions are reachable throughout the upper part of the app within three tabs. So can you take a look at the dealy deals and the menu card but is it also possible to use the map in order to find restaurants nearby and navigate to them using Apple Maps.



Through the app is it possible to join events when your rank does provide this. Signing up is as easy as tapping one button because personal information can be used from your Happy Italy account. When certain information is missing, the app will ask you to fill in the leftover information and will therefor provide profile enrichment. The user will be reminded with an app and can sign out right from the Overview screen.

user feedback


When a user does visit the restaurant, he must scan his unique QR-code by an employee when a user finished. This, because the use of beacons or local Wi-Fi does not guarantee the user has paid for their visit.

scan to register
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