Lead Scoring Campaign

With a chatbot experience we would let marketeers become in touch of scoring as part of lead management.


The question for this project was to make existing marketers aware of scoring as part of lead management. Therefor did Merkle Netherlands (NL) got budget from IBM to promote this possibility within the tools that IBM does provide. The trigger for this campaign was the following video.

This campaign was promoted on LinkedIn and Facebook.

User flow

Based on the concept of a social media campaign have I created a user flow with the usage of wireframes. With this concept have I pitched the idea of a chatbot as experience and the database-structure for the e-mail.



When a prospect got triggered by that video, it will lead them towards the landing page. The header image does create the feeling that this page is an extension from that video. Because the experience will collect personal information which will be saved, there will also be asked to agree with the applied privacy terms.

Fridge Navigatie


For this experience, I have created a chatbot. During the conversation with a so-called consultant from Oxyma, there will be asked to provide personal information and make decisions. Based on those decisions, the bot will generate a lead score in realtime. This score is also what happens with lead scoring on a webshop, for example.

Fridge Navigatie

Lead Scoring Points

When the prospect provides personal information, a decision or when a timestamp will be made, points will be generated. When an approach is declined, minus points could be created.

Call To Action


When a conversation comes to an end, a resume of the score will be present. Depending on the warmth bar, a lead is either hot or cold. In practice could a marketer follow up a warm lead. Within the wrap-up is also the possibility to download the provided white paper for more information.

Launch Screen


Because Merkle NL got a lot of experience and expertise in e-mail campaigns and flows, every prospect got the opportunity to let the results be sent by e-mail. One can download the white paper within this e-mail.


Participants (A-Z)

  • Brian Schut • Front-end Developer
  • Frans Luijten • Campaign Engineer
  • Kevin Kriek • Back-end Developer
  • Michelle van den Berg • Marketing Communication Officer
  • Orlando Welles • Business Development Manager
  • Robin Tepe • UI & UX Designer
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    Lead Scoring Campaign

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    Through creating a chatbot experience, we let marketers get in touch with scoring as part of leadmanagement.

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