Fashion Portfolio Website

Website redesign of Fashion Designer Mevan Kaluarachchi's Portfolio.

Brand Enrichment

Mevan Kaluarachchi is a freelance fashion designer under the brand 'Mevan'. The core words of his brand are white, clean and with the focus on the image. Within his work, his strength is within the details. His previous website was not focused on those and, so has this been improved in the redesign.

Mevan Branding

A New Interpretation of the Homepage.

The homepage kept as minimal as possible within his previous website. The most recent collection was displayed, together with a call to action. Within the new design, I tried to trigger the visitor more than before by posting multiple groups and other sorts of media, together with information about the designer. The menu is now more inventive but mainly unchanged.

Move the cursor

Vorige Homepage
Nieuwe Homepage

Redesign of the Homescreen

Mevan Archive

From Collections to Archive

There was a page dedicated to previous collections. Nowadays, the designer would also like to show other work and media expressions. From now on, the page transformed into an archive. This archive allows all different sorts of media, such as individual assignments and videos.

Vorige Archive pagina
Nieuwe Archive pagina

Redesign van het archief

Mevan Archive

Big & Bold Collection Pages

There is a lot of effort required to create a collection. In most times, the designer would like to tell a story and would try to communicate a certain feeling to it. The story wasn't delivering on his previous website. Now, there is plenty of space to add text, videos and other ways of providing the right feeling. Furthermore, the images are more structured and are better within their fullscreen settings.

Vorige collectie pagina
Nieuwe collectie pagina

Redesign of the Collection Pages

Keep Engaging the Visitors

A lot of visitors will land on a collection page after references and search actions. It is essential to keep those visitors interested by showing other collections. From now on, every subpage like the collection page and about page does show featured work to keep visitors engaged.

Featured Work
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P.U.R.E. Coach

An application to bring out the best in pupils and coaches, coupled with a unique methodology and connection with sports clubs.

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Lead Scoring Campagne

Through creating a chatbot experience, we let marketers get in touch with scoring as part of leadmanagement.

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