Tracker Trace App

An iOS app with which trackers can be followed in a team with the associated functions such as calling, chatting and extensive positioning.

Remob Application Design


Users are able to login into the app with an account provided by the company, creating an account is not possible. The indicator in the left corner, together with the bottom bar will show the server status.

Login Screen

Select a Case

Each user got a list of cases who are relevant in there position. This screen will appear after an successful login and will show information like last seen city, the route it took after the last login and the time of the last movement. The green km shows the distance between you and the closest beacon.

How many people are into this case can be seen by the man-icon.

Case Selector


The operation screen will appear after the user selected a case.

This screen is the middle of the app and the user is able to pick an other case, select which teams or beacons he want to follow and is also able to view information about each individual.

Operation Screen


To keep in contact with others within the same case, an intergraded chatbox is necessary. Members are able to reach the chat by pressing the chat-icon on the right corner from every screen.

Chat Screen

Implemented in the chat function is the possibility to capture and send pictures right away.

Chat Photo Screen


The map tab is based on the new design from Apple Maps in iOS 10. Selected teams and beacons can be viewed on the map, based on there regular location. Beside that, the user can search for location and can switch between Apple Maps Kit and Google Maps in the same UI.

Teams will be shown in blue. Beacons in orange.

Map Map Selector


When the user is very close to a beacon, he is able to switch from map to compass to look for the exact location. The app will automaticly look for the most close beacon available and will show advanced information like signal strength, distance in meters and how fast the beacon moves in km/h.


Additional Screens

Search Case, App Settings and Feedback Screen
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