BMW Privilege E-Mail

Redesign of the BMW Privilege e-mail template, focussed on the user.

About BMW Privilege

BMW Privilege is the loyalty program of BMW Netherlands. Drivers of a BMW with a car younger than 20 years old, can make use out of exclusive privileges such as events and sales. Ones upon a time do BMW send an e-mail to members to present their upcoming opportunities. During my position at Merkle Netherlands did I get the chance to redesign this e-mail.

Target Audience

Although BMW does have a target audience for each car model, these can't be applied to BMW Privilege because that service applies to every model. I have researched the client base/target audience and came up with the following table.

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Geographic Region Domestic/international
Density Urban/rural
Demographic Age 25-65
Gender Males & Females
Life-cycle stage Bachelor Stage | Newly Married Couples
Full Nest I
Full Nest II
Full Nest III
Empty Nest I
Empty Nest II
Solitary Survivor I
Solitary Survivor II
Income High
Occupation Professionals & executives
Behavioral Degree of loyalty Hard core loyals | Soft core loyals | Switchers
Benefits sought Reliability sense of achievement speed
Personality Determined and ambitious
User status non-users | regular users | ex-users
Psychographic Social class Middle class | Upper class
Lifestyle Aspirer succeeder


The e-mail of BMW Privilege didn't meet the BMW standards anymore. The structure was unclear and inconsistent. Furthermore did the e-mail not provide the luxury and premium feel which BMW would like to deliver.

Left: Previous e-mail. Right: New design.


In the beginning, I created wireframes. A lot of people are scanning their e-mail on their mobile phone. To prevent distraction, I provided a summary of the event at the top. That way, members could directly see if they're available for the trip. If someone tent to be interested, it would scroll further and discover the day overview. After that is space to present the price and the benefits. The mail closes with some after-sales articles and a dynamic block which will only appear when one has shown interest in a particular model, tracked by the website.

BMW Privilege E-Mail Template Wireframe

User Interface Design

Within the design, I made use of the dark colour background and the gold out of the BMW style guide. This decision has been made because the target audience does most likely also receive general BMW news e-mails. The dark background does directly reflect that this mail is about another subject. Furthermore, the gold stands for a luxurious feeling.

BMW Privilege E-Mail Design



The e-mail starts with a beautiful mood image of the event and a title.


The introduction does start with the usual BMW greeting and a short copy of the event. Beneath that is a summery-module with the date, location, name and time of the trip. One could directly book the arrangement from this module.

The introduction is provided with a dark background to create a distinction between other BMW mails and to represent a luxury feeling.


With one or more trips could the BMW Privilege Arrangement-block be used. This block provides a title and a short copy of the event. After the introduction does a timesheet follow with the expected times and description.


After every Arrangement-block, do the prices follow. The benefits of the event are presented next to the costs.

Call to Action

After the prices do a CTA follow to register for the event directly.

More information

For more information about the events, can blocks from the BMW Luxury template be used.


The webshop is divided from the event by a subheader and a brake. It provides the opportunity to highlight one or two after-sale products.

Test Drive (Dynamic)

The Test Drive Dynamic Block does only show when one has gathered a specific lead score from the activity of the website.


The marketing team of BMW Netherlands was delighted with the new template. Especially the user-first approach by adding a summary within the introduction was a nice add-on. Feedback regarding the design was about making the size of the prices smaller. I agree with this as the target audience has a 'high' income and does, therefore, care less about the costs. Moreover, the personal code doesn't have to be included as this is embedded in the URL of the button. I encountered this already and did, therefore not include this code within the second activity.

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